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Interfaces are here to stay

Conversational interfaces feel personal and limitless. Like an open canvas.

The idea of controlling machines, through natural language has always been a direction since computers exists and with the recent appearance of language models in the mainstream, this trend has been exponentially accelerating.

And it is great, it will reduce much of the friction of using "old-school" interfaces.
Still, we believe OG interfaces are here to stay. Why?

Limitless options are intimidating.

It takes courage to start a drawing, writing a book, building an app. Starting from endless possibilities of 'what the piece could be', narrowing it down to well-defined direction. It takes years of practice, failures…

Apps are a-changing

Apps as we know it, follow well-understood patterns. We have been learning them for more than 70 years. Most of past two-three generations are using them on a daily basis

Apps are apps, this is my app. My app is my app.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amut ale.

Here is my app.

So it would be a bunch of part plotter, part handdawn graphics