Additional free services & push notifications

Our next milestone in democratizing AI with giving most of our services for free to users.


Additional free services & push notifications

Nov 13, 2023

Free services

In this version, we’ve restructured the subscription plans, making more services accessible for free. Now users having a Basic plan can access ChatGPT 3.5 with daily 3 messages, Stable Diffusion XL with daily 1 message, and SDXL Emoji with a daily limit of 1 message.


We've enhanced new users' onboarding by giving a description of our generative models right at the place of use. You can read about how different models work and what's the right way to build your prompts.

Notifications and thread status

Now you can get more information on the status of your generations: we’ve added push notifications to MindOne. Not a big fan of notifications? Don't worry, it's optional. You can see your threads' status on the History page too, whether they're ready, in progress or stuck.

Stability fixes

Lastly, we've addressed some issues and enhanced stability to ensure a better experience.