Introducing MindOne presets and credit system for Free plan

Create magnificent images without typing thanks to MindOne presets


Introducing MindOne presets and credit system for Free plan

Dec 13, 2023

Tools & plans

As of December 2023, we've introduced a couple of new services in the MindOne app: Dall-E 3, Upscaler, and Colorizer. This is great news, not only for the PRO users but all of the MindOne community because we made most of our tools available for Free users too. See and explore the full list in your mobile app.

Another addition to our plans that from now on you're able to use credits with your Basic plan. If you're a PRO user, access GPT4 for 14 credits and GPT3 & SDXL without limits*. You just need to update the MindOne app in the AppStore or Play Store to 0.6.0. Read more about our pricing and tools here.

Advanced image generator with presets

We updated the interface for our image generator services, which gives you a better overview among your stuff. We're introducing presets for you to be able to generate without typing—we did the prompt engineering job. Pick your favorite combination for more than 50 presets. Check out the full list below in the appendix.


Start using our base image generator models and it will automatically create collections for you. Get a better overview by swiping through the gallery bar.


*The description reflects the pricing and service availability of December 2023. This might change in the future to assure the best experience and price/value.